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Bettor Parlays Oregon Lottery To Huge Payday

Bettor Parlays Oregon Lottery To Huge Payday

One lucky Oregonian is going to have a very, very good Christmas, even after having to give all the tax collectors lining up their cut.  The Oregon Lottery, which oversees the state’s nascent sports gambling market, recently launched its Scoreboard mobile betting platform and someone has already worn it out with a huge payday.

How Big Oregon Lottery Payday Happened

An unidentified gambler placed a meager $5 wager on a 15-game parlay that was successful across the board.  After seeing number 14 come true, the gambler would have certainly been on edge waiting to see what happened in number 15, especially because of the payout.  When it fell the gambler’s way with Oregon Lottery Scoreboard, that $5 turned into a massive $81,965 payday.

Gamblers are probably scouring the charts to figure out how to repeat the success, but they shouldn’t bother.  There were no major US sports leagues involved or even college games – college sports betting is still off the table in Oregon.  Instead, all 15 games were part of the Euroleague women and Eurocup women basketball leagues.  Sometimes it pays to think outside the box.


Up to $500 Free Bet


That is definitely the biggest payout on Scoreboard since it was launched in October.  It could also be one of the largest returns, in terms of percentages, of any sports wagers seen this year.  Even ignoring any possible records, the winnings are certainly enough to make anyone happy.

Scoreboard was introduced on October 16 and, since then, the total handle through the end of November is $13.1 million.  It seems that gamblers are the big winners, and not the Oregon Lottery, as they have received a payday of a total of $12.1 million in that time.  Oregonians must have the inside secret when it comes to knowing how to place winning bets.

Not everyone has been as fortunate, though.  Someone took a chance – a big chance – on the San Antonio Spurs being able to beat the LA Lakers last month and lost everything, possibly including their shirt.  $15,021 was put up in a single bet for the Spurs to win, despite an embarrassing record this season, and the entire amount went to the house.  On the positive side, apart from the massive parlay, a $7,000 wager on two over unders on NFL games saw someone net $5,000.

Oregon seems to have developed a more user-friendly approach to sports gambling than has been seen elsewhere.  If a gambler gets cold feet after placing a bet, but before the contest begins, he or she can cancel the bet.  There’s a penalty, though, but at least the possible losses aren’t as great.  One person took advantage of this after putting up $10,000 for the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl.  Perhaps claiming temporary insanity, the gambler cancelled the bet and was stuck with a $1,000 fine.  Still, it’s better than losing the entire $10,000.

Scoreboard is what all sports gambling applications should be – easy to use, but controlled.  There is a $250,000 cap on the amount of money that can be put into a gambler’s account, but there are also limits to how often the account can be refilled.  There are also user-configurable options that allow gamblers to take a break from time to time to ensure they don’t go overboard.


Up to $500 Free Bet


Another thing that Scoreboard offers is the ability to provide instant and verifiable feedback on the status of the gambling industry in the state.  This is extremely important, as it provides all the statistics needed to monitor the industry and ensure it is working properly.

What has been shown so far is that mobile wagers are not causing Oregon to implode or gamblers to break into their children’s college funds to feed their habit.  In fact, just the opposite is happening.  Gambling opponents have no leg to stand on with their argument that mobile betting platforms are going to lead to chaos and millions of dollars in debt.  The average wager amount on Scoreboard?  A paltry $22.

Erik is a writer and a sports nut who has had the good fortune to be able to experience a wide variety of world sports action up close and personal. He enjoys staying on top of the changing world of athletics and capitalizing on his writing skills to offer a unique take on what's going on in the ever-changing athletics ecosystem.

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