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2020 NFL Draft: TV And Online Viewer’s Guide

2020 NFL Draft: TV And Online Viewer’s Guide

The 2020 NFL Draft is finally here, even if it feels like it’s having to be led into the scene in a wheelchair pushed by a couple of nurses.  This will be the first time the draft has ever been held in a virtual format, with all those involved logging on through secure remote connections to start the selections.  The NFL has been determined to stick to its schedule, in spite of the coronavirus, and isn’t ready to let some pesky microscopic bug stand in its way.

There is already talk that this year’s draft will see anywhere from five to 20 times more NFL picks and parlays than last year, depending on who you talk to, with no less than $5 million in action expected.  Of course, gamblers will want to know how to keep up with the picks and the trades, and there are a few options available.

2020 NFL Draft Multiple Viewing Options

Gone is the massive show and ceremony that would have been held in Las Vegas in conjunction with the 2020 NFL Draft.  The new virtual format will certainly have an impact on viewership, with the league no longer able to anticipate boosting its audience above the 50 million it saw last year.  Fortunately, several networks have come together to try to keep football fans happy and in the game.  ABC, ESPN and NFL Network will all be covering the draft.


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The coverage will begin tonight at 8 PM Eastern Time (ET).  Tomorrow will see everything get going at 7 PM ET, and Saturday’s action will be caught starting at 12 PM ET.  ABC is a must-carry broadcaster, which means it can be received even through an HD antenna – no cable subscription needed.  ESPN and NFL Network are only available to those who have a paid cable or satellite service and, then, only if accessible through a premium package in certain areas.

Online Broadcasts Gain Favor Among Providers

If these options aren’t available, don’t worry – there are still plenty of others. is an online broadcaster that carries a number of channels without charging monthly fees or requiring users to sign contracts.  However, there’s a catch – it’s only available in certain parts of the US.

Sling TV, the first widely-available online TV service, is Dish Network’s foray into broadcasting for mobile platforms.  It offers what it calls the “Orange” plan, which will bring ESPN into a smartphone, tablet or equipped computer for $30 a month.  The good news is that the people at Dish realize how hungry football fans are for access to the draft, and, in addition to a seven-day free trial, they are also giving free access to the first round of the action.

Hulu TV, YouTube TV and Fubo TV are all similar options with the same type of promotions.  Fubo is geared more specifically for the sports community, but all should provide access to the 2020 NFL draft.  The three offer a seven-day free trial after signing up, with monthly fees ranging from $45-$55 after that.  AT&T TVNow is another duplicate option, but it costs $65 after the seven-day free trial.

Many of the available options are geofenced, which means not everyone will be able to access all the programming that could be available.  This is also the case with the NFL App, which can stream games that would otherwise be found on your TV set.  Two other options, NFL Game Pass and DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket, have restrictions that make them not exactly ideal solutions for everyone.  Plus, at $100 or $293.36, respectively, per season, the cost may not be worth it, even if the service is available.


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Betting On The 2020 NFL Draft Bugs

This year’s 2020 NFL Draft is going to be a first for the NFL and everyone is just as interested in seeing how successful it is as they are at seeing who gets picked to go where.  A lot of people are expecting technical glitches of major proportions, and sportsbooks have even put up NFL odds on whether or not things will run smoothly.  Even with no major sports action taking place, at least there are still some wagers to be found.

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