The NFL Draft is going to be held soon, but in less than ideal conditions.  All teams will have their represented participants stuck at home, thanks to the coronavirus, participating in the largest conference call in league history.  It will be interesting to see how well the plan goes, or if there is an overwhelming number of technical glitches as some have predicted.  This is a chance for the NFL to show how technologically advanced it is (or isn’t), and all eyes will be watching how the draft plays out.

Joe Burrow Can Go Virtually Anywhere

One of the biggest parts of this year’s draft will undoubtedly center on the quarterback field.  There is a lot of awesome talent set to come up from college football and, despite the economic impact COVID-19 has had on the sports world, teams are still ready to break out the wallet to secure the best talent.  One of the leading contenders, by far, is Joe Burrow out of LSU.  The Heisman Trophy winner and 2019 national champ would be a welcome addition to any team and has already been talking to several organizations, including the Cincinnati Bengals (not a likely choice), the Miami Dolphins (doubtful, considering the most recent year they had) and others.

Right on Burrow’s heels is Tua Tagovailoa.  The Alabama Razorbacks passer has seen his name in the lights as much as Burrow, but has also already had to deal with injuries that have made his NFL future a little tenuous.  He had to have hip surgery last December and there is concern about his ability to stay strong for entire games.  However, he has still shown off his skills at Alabama and won’t have too much trouble finding a home in the NFL.  Two leading possibilities are the Dolphins and the LA Chargers, but the Detroit Lions have had their eye on him, as well.  Still, despite the hype and his previous performance, most analysts don’t expect him to be picked up among the top five candidates.

Oregon Ducks quarterback Justin Herbert is now ready for the big leagues.  He could have been picked up by a team as he was completing his junior year at Oregon, but decided against it.  That move proved especially beneficial for Herbert, as it allowed him to develop his skills on the field and this will show when the draft gets underway.  The Lions have apparently shown some interest, but there’s another team in the league that would most likely appeal to someone looking to add a Super Bowl title to his resume.

The New England Patriots, now that they’re without Tom Brady, need some real talent under center, and are reportedly interested in making a run on Herbert.  It’s not a guarantee, though, and the Pats are getting +800 odds to land him.  The Dolphins currently have the best chances according to Draft Kings, which has him listed at +150 to head to the Sunshine State.

This Year’s Draft Has Endless QB Talent

Jordan Love out of Utah State could go early in the draft.  There are reportedly seven different teams showing the former Aggie some interest, including the Dolphins, the Pats, the Green Bay Packers and others.  While the previous three quarterbacks might be considered the first to be drafted, Love is in the running and could prove to be a surprise placement early on when the draft begins on April 23.

Jalen Hurts of the Oklahoma Sooners will most likely be picked in the first or second round of the draft.  Before his time with the Sooners, he was a starting freshman for the Alabama Crimson Tide, and has been able to produce strong results since he first took the field.  He took Alabama to the National Championship twice, only to be benched the second time in favor of Tagovailoa.

He continued to show his strength when he transferred to Oklahoma, and there’s little doubt that the NFL scouts have been watching him closely.  The Pats are interested in him, as are the Pittsburgh Steelers.  No matter where he ends up, his is a name that will stay in the NFL for a long time.