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Are There Going To Be Any NBA Upsets Tonight?

Are There Going To Be Any NBA Upsets Tonight?

After last night’s grueling NBA action, tonight might seem like a letdown. There are only five games on tap and, based on what’s in store, there don’t appear to be any surprises coming. As the trade deadline approaches, though, a number of players will need to step up their game if they don’t want to switch teams mid-stride.

Portland Pays Miami A Visit

The Portland Trail Blazers are visiting the Miami Heat tonight as they look to pick up another win. They are 4-4 across their last eight games, while the Heat have dropped their last four. Neither team is running hot and this will come down to who can steal the ball the most.

The Heat are favorites at -167 and 4.5 points (-105), but are likely to play without a couple of starters. This could give the Trail Blazers an opening to take the win, even though they have been completely up and down all season. The Over/Under sits at 217.5, which, despite neither team seeing a lot of success lately, should be an easy target to reach.


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The New York Knicks host the Washington Wizards tonight in another game that doesn’t have a lot of appeal for sports gamblers. The Wiz have lost nine of their last 11, while the Knicks have gone 5-5 across their last ten. Both teams have All-Star players, but neither is getting the most out of them.

The Knicks have been given the benefit of the doubt, with oddsmakers putting them at -143 against the Wiz’s +120. This is going to be a close game, based on the -2.5 (-112) spread, but will also be a low-scoring contest. The Over/Under of 226.5 (-110) seems to be above what these two teams are capable of tonight.

Clippers Look For Another Spurs Beat-down

The LA Clippers are playing back-to-back games against the San Antonio Spurs and have already won the first contest last night. The two will go at it again tonight, but nothing new is expected. Last night’s 134-101 blowout was just a prelude of what’s coming again.

The Clips are getting -240 to the +195 for the Spurs. They’re also getting 6 points (at the standard -110) and covering the spread shouldn’t be a problem. Based on last night’s combined score, the Over/Under of 221.5 (-112) might be a little low, especially as the Spurs are going to fight harder to overcome that embarrassing loss.

The Sacramento Kings face the Golden State Warriors tonight and will be looking for their fourth consecutive home win. This is the second time these two teams meet, with the Warriors taking the first game, 137-106. However, the Kings have improved since then and are now fifth in the Western.


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The Kings are getting a slight advantage at -139 to the Warriors’ +117 and this is going to be a hard-fought contest. The -2.5 (-112) given to the Kings should hold up without too much difficulty, even though a late-game run by the Warriors is inevitable. The Over/Under of 223.5 (-108) seems a little high, based on the average points these two teams are putting on the board.

Lakers Desperate For A Win

The LA Lakers are desperately looking for a win as they continue to lose their starters. They will take on the Philadelphia 76ers tonight without Anthony Davis, who continues to nurse a calf strain, and LeBron James, who just went down last Saturday with a high ankle sprain. The absence of both was felt when the New Orleans Pelicans beat them on Saturday and will be felt again tonight, despite the absence of Joel Embiid on the Sixers bench.

Philadelphia has taken nine wins in the last ten games and is expected to add one more tonight. The Sixers are getting -200 to the Lakers’ +165, a definite indication of the weak Lakers bench. The 5-point spread (-112) is also a sign that the Lakers are in for more trouble. The Over/Under of 211.5 (-112) will be beat, but the Sixers will carry most of that

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