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Vik’s Picks Feb 12: Villanova Looks Strong On Big Wednesday

Vik’s Picks Feb 12: Villanova Looks Strong On Big Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! Today’s picks for Feb 12 include 52, yes 52, college basketball games and 11 NBA games. If you love gambling on basketball, today’s your kind of day.

Don’t worry about researching the card, because we’ve done the work for you.

Let’s start with college basketball betting first, and then we will head into the NBA. On the giant CBB slate, there are two games that caught my eye.


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Vik’s Picks Feb 12

Marquette at Villanova -5

I try to look for good situational spots and this game fits the bill. Marquette comes into this game off a big victory against Butler. Which makes this a let down situation. Also, on the flip side, Nova has lost three straight, and that is skewing the public’s mindset. This is also a revenge spot for the Wildcats at home, since they were blown out to Marquette earlier this season.

The sharps definitely took an early stand on this game, pushing the line up from Nova – 4 to -5 in most books right now. I would pull the trigger soon if you like the Wildcats, as I can see this line going to -5.5 or 6 by game time.

While Nova has been inconsistent of late, they have been solid at home, posting a 10-2 record there. They also have the 15th ranked Adjusted Offensive Efficiency via Ken Pom. Marquette does not turn over teams, so look for Nova’s offense to be crisp at home. The crowd will be rocking too. Villanova by 10+.

Houston at USF +6


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Here is a game that reeks of a fishy line. You have No. 20 ranked Houston at unranked USF, yet they are only laying six?

The public is pounding Houston, and understandably so. They see a ranked vs. unranked team and they looked at the score from the first time these teams met being a blowout in Houston’s way. They also see that Houston crushed Wichita State by 33 in their last game, so this game is going to be easy money.

Not so fast. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll see USF won the rebounding battle in that game. USF is also playing a lot better basketball as of late, winners of three straight.

When it comes to the Joes vs. the Pros, it looks like the public is on Houston (as stated above), while the Sharps are are USF. This line started at Houston -6.5 and is now down to 6 or 5.5 in some books. This indicated reverse line movement on USF.


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Would not be surprised if this game comes down to the last minute or so, so I will gladly take the points.

Now, onto the NBA. Disclaimer, the NBA is always a little tricky this week, especially because the All-Star break is literally around the corner. Motivation is a hard thing to cap, no matter how good you are. Usually the better team and better coached teams do well in the games before the break than the younger teams.

Golden State Warriors + 8 at Phoenix Suns

I’ll keep this one simple. Just way too many points in a game between two teams that are not that far off in my eyes. The Warriors are the more experienced team with the more experienced coaching staff. Yes, they are decimated by injuries, but they play a young Suns team that might be excited for All-Star weekend to get here.

The public is on the Suns, but the line has gone down to 8 or even 7.5 in some books, from an opening number of Phoenix -8.5.

Take the points.

So that’s it for my picks for Feb 12, tune back in tomorrow for some more.

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