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NBA Trade Talks Begin as Draft Arrives

NBA Trade Talks Begin as Draft Arrives

The NBA Draft is here, with the free agency gates to open in less than a week. There is always a lot of chatter this team of year and, with the Milwaukee Bucks still celebrating their second NBA Championship in 50 years, a number of teams are looking to make moves. How many will come about still remains to be seen, but Ben Simmons, Bradley Beal and a few others are likely looking at starting the next season in a new uniform.

Bradley Beal Might Want a New Home

There’s talk abut Beal possibly looking to be traded from the Washington Wizards, although he hasn’t commented on any move yet. Should he decide to look elsewhere, there’s no shortage of possibilities. He could go to the Philadelphia 76ers, the Atlanta Hawks, the Golden State Warriors or even the Boston Celtics. If he does move, any trade is likely to be very expensive for the new team.

Simmons might be done with the 76ers although, like Beal, nothing official is on the table. Ahead of the NBA Draft tomorrow, there will likely be an increase in chatter today and, similar to the case with Beal, any trade for Simmons will be an expensive endeavor. It’s already been acknowledged that 76ers President Daryl Morey has a high asking price.


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Pels and Pacers Passing Notes

There’s a rumor that Lonzo Ball might move off the New Orleans Pelicans squad in favor of a spot on the Indiana Pacers bench. If that were to happen, Malcolm Brogdon would likely give up his spot and head down south to the Big Easy. If Ball doesn’t head to Indiana, there is still talk that he might end up with the Chicago Bulls and could even head out west to be with either the LA Clippers or Lakers.

The Lakers, after their embarrassing season came to an abrupt end, would welcome additional strength, which could come from Ball. It could also come via Russell Westbrook, who is reportedly being considered for a trade from the Washington Wizards. His price is likely more accessible to a team barely managing under the salary cap. While the Lakers would probably prefer Chris Paul and Kyle Lowry, those two are out of reach. Any changes to the Lakers’ lineup now will affect the NBA odds ahead of the new season.

Damian Lillard Seeks Better Times

Damian Lillard isn’t content with the Portland Trail Blazers; however, he isn’t screaming to be traded, either. He could be willing to stay where he is if some changes are made and, since the NBA news wire is always full of rumors and hearsay, someone proposed that Lillard had offered to pay for free in exchange for being picked up by a championship-caliber team. His response to the comment on Twitter said it all, with an emoji of a face-palm to the forehead indicating the ridiculousness of the suggestion.

Kevin Love, Collin Sexton and Larry Nance, Jr. may no longer be part of the Cleveland Cavaliers squad in a few days. Apparently, the Cavs have zero room under the salary cap, severely handicapping the team as it looks to rebuild. In order to put things in place for a new and better season, some players will have to go. Cleveland would love to hang onto Love, but might miss the net with an attempted shot to keep things together.

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