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NBA Trade Rumors: Harden Headed Out Of Houston?

NBA Trade Rumors: Harden Headed Out Of Houston?

It’s a busy time for anyone and everyone in the NBA right now.  The league just finished with the NBA Finals a few weeks ago, and surely there are players still healing up from that tough series of games.  Now they are starting all over again in just a few weeks on December the 22 and playing ball on Christmas Day, instead of spending the day at home with their families as they has planned.

More Movement Coming In NBA Trades

All the players and coaches have to worry about are the NBA trade deadline, when anything could happen, and the NBA Draft, upon which some of the teams’ futures depends.  Here the front office guys get most of the pressure.  Then, there is NBA Free Agency coming about the same time.  This is when a team can lose one of its top players just because negations with the front office didn’t go off as expected.  When the new season finally does get started on December 22, it will be a relief to just settle down and play some basketball.

The Houston Rockets’ bearded star James Harden seems pretty well set on getting out of Houston this time around.  At this point, it is looking like the Nets of Brooklyn could be a destination.  Harden remains one of the most fearsome, and best, players in the NBA.  Houston says that they want to keep Harden around; however, if the Nets dream plan works out, they could get Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, as well.  The temptation to play with those great starts might be too great to keep Harden with the Rockets any longer.


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AD Looks At Free Agency

LA Lakers big man Anthony Davis is opting out of the last year of his contract agreement with the Lakers and taking up Free Agency.  So, he could go anywhere.  However, where is he going to go?  Finding a better team than the World Champion Lakers is doubtful.  Find a better place to live than Southern California is, again, doubtful.

Even though he is opting out now, there is a better than even chance that Davis ends up right back where he is now, only he could be a lot richer after all of the negotiations are said and done.  This whole move is likely to be more about the money than anything else.  Perhaps he needs a bigger house.

Rumor has it that the Oklahoma City Thunder are thinking of trading their sneaky quick guard Dennis Schroder for Danny Green and this week’s 28th pick in the NBA Draft from the Lakers, but they had better hurry if this deal is to be done.

Caldwell-Pope Expected To Score Big

If the Lakers do manage to move Danny Green, they stand a good chance of re-signing free agent guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, whose strong showing in the recently finished NBA finals has him in line for a significant salary hike over the $8.5 million he pulled down last year with the Lakers.

The Thunder may end up putting their franchise guard Chris Paul on the trading block if the price is right as per OKC GM Sam Presti, as he seems to be planning a full on rebuild of the Thunder squad.


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The name of Victor Oladipo has been passed around quite a bit as a trade piece; however, the 28-year-old guard, who will be a free agent next summer, has informed the Indiana Pacers front office that he would like to stay put in Indianapolis.

Of course with the departure of head coach Mike D’Antoni and general manager Daryl Morey, and now James Harden talking about abandoning ship in Houston, it is no surprise to find that Russell Westbrook is sending out feelers for a way to get out of South Texas, as well.

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