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Roundup of MLB Games Has Curious Results

Roundup of MLB Games Has Curious Results

The sports world is in a constant state of flux. The NFL’s New Orleans Saints now have a new name on their stadium, MLB’s the Cleveland Indians will soon have a new name on their jerseys and LeBron James has one billion new reasons to celebrate. As much as things are changing, however, some things are definitely staying the same. The MLB lineup yesterday had several sure wins on tap, but a few teams didn’t want to listen and disappointed.

Swing and a Miss for MLB Teams

The Atlanta Braves met the Philadelphia Phillies yesterday as favorites and pulled off the win. However, the Over/Under was set at nine runs and, with a 7-2 finish, the push didn’t help anyone. The two face off again today and, this time, the Braves are the underdogs. They’re getting +130 to the Phillies’ -165, with a spread of +1.5 (-150). The Over/Under this time is 7.5, with most wagers taking the Over.

The San Diego Padres defeated the Miami Marlins yesterday, as expected, but didn’t do gamblers any favors. The spread was at 1.5 and, with a final score of 3-2, there was no payout. It’s time to see if the Marlins have any strength and, even as underdogs at +142, are getting a lot of support for the win. The Over/Under is at 8 runs, which oddsmakers currently believe will result in a push.


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The LA Dodgers hosted the San Francisco Giants yesterday and everyone was convinced the Dodgers wouldn’t have any trouble capturing the win. However, with a final score of 5-3, San Fran proved them all wrong and went 3-1 in the four-game series. Both teams move on today, with the Giants ready to face the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Dodgers to take the field against the Colorado Rockies. Pittsburgh is expected to beat San Francisco on an Over/Under of 8.5, and the Dodgers are the overwhelming favorites against the Rockies. They’re getting odds in the MLB of -275 and nine on the Over/Under, but the Under is a better option.

Elsewhere Around the League Today

The Arizona Diamondbacks got off to a horrible start this season, picking up a league-worst 26-66 record and a 17-game losing streak. They have started to bounce back, though, and hope to continue when they take on the Chicago Cubs tonight in the first game of a three-game series. The D-Backs still have to prove themselves, though, with the Cubs getting -135 on the moneyline on a massive Over/Under of 10.5 runs. Arizona won when these two teams met this past Sunday, but extending their winning streak isn’t very likely. The Cubs, on the other hand, just lost to the St. Louis Cardinals yesterday, 3-2, and this game is likely to be a long, drawn-out battle.

The NY Yankees and the Boston Red Sox are both looking strong so far, even if neither is amassing significant numbers. The Yankees are at 50-45 and the Red Sox are at 59-38, and New York is looking for revenge. It lost to Boston yesterday, 5-4, after a dismal performance by relief pitcher Brooks Kriske, who is now on his way to the minors as a result. The Red Sox are expected to win as the Yankees figure out a new strategy, getting -120 on the moneyline on an Over/Under of 8.5.

The Milwaukee Brewers and the Chicago White Sox are having similar seasons. The Brewers are now 56-41, while the White Sox are 58-38, and the two are both coming off losses. Yesterday, the White Sox were annihilated, 7-2, by the Minnesota Twins and the Brewers were taken down by the KC Royals, 6-3. Despite being +117 on the moneyline tonight, the White Sox are expected to win and the Over/Under of 7.5 shouldn’t be a problem.

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