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MLB All-Star Game


MLB All-Star Game Gives Bettors Fresh Action

MLB All-Star Game Gives Bettors Fresh Action

The MLB All-Star Game will be held today in Denver, CO, undoubtedly the reason why the NBA Finals doesn’t resume until tomorrow. For the past several years, the American League (AL) has dominated the annual game, except for the missing game last year due to COVID-19. Some believe that its time for the National League (NL) to score a win and oddsmakers feel that way, too.

NL Given the Advantage Against the AL

For 17 straight games, the AL has consistently been a stronger team in the All-Star Game, winning 14 of the matchups. Headed into today’s game, it has one seven straight, banking on the talents of players such as Teoscar Hernandez, Gerrit Cole, Chris Bassitt and Mike Trout. This year, however, with Fernando Tatis, Jr. and a whole lineup of other greats coming to the NL side, things might turn around. The NL is ready for revenge.

The NL moneyline is around -120, depending on the sportsbook. The AL is getting +100, which is still not a huge differential. This is expected to be a tight game, with both sides bringing superior talent to the field. The AL is going to have Shohei Ohtani of the LA Angels on the mound, which will definitely give it a boost. Ohtani will be the starting pitcher and the leadoff hitter, the first time in the history of MLB baseball that a single player has been chosen for both spots in an All-Star Game. With 33 homers and a 3.49 ERA in 13 starts, it’s easy to see why he was selected.


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Max Scherzer will fire away for the NL. The Washington Nationals pitcher has three Cy Young Awards, four All-Star starts and eight consecutive appearances. He’s going to be ready to keep the AL offense off the field.

The Over/Under Is Over the Top

The Over/Under for the game is listed at 11 runs. That would be high for any game, but is out of the ballpark for this one. In the past 14 All-Star games, only one has seen more than 11 runs. In the last ten games, the average is just under seven, which is what should be expected today. Both Ohtani and Scherzer are ready for multiple shutouts, and it’s difficult to imagine this game going above eight runs. Taking the Under would definitely make sense, especially since new rules regarding player position, ball size and foreign substances have come into effect. This game could even set a new MLB record for the most strike outs in a single game, as well as the lowest team batting average.

The runline will give sports gamblers some action. The NL is getting 1.5 runs at most sportsbooks, with DraftKings anticipating an even closer contest and a one-run differential. Knowing that the game is going to see a lot of strike outs and long drives aren’t going to be easy, this will be a close game. The runs will happen, but only as players advance base-by-base, with no big power scores coming.

Prop Bets for Extra Money

Prop bets are giving sports bettors some extra bonus cash today. The midsummer classic has a number of props to choose from, such as both teams scoring four or more runs. A “Yes” has odds of +100, but don’t count on that paying off. While the reward isn’t that great, taking “Yes” at -135 that a run will be scored in the first inning is a safer bet.

Take your pick on the All-Star Game MVP. Ohtani is getting +300, while Tatis, Jr. is getting +700. From there, the odds get longer for Vladimir Guerrero and Nolan Arenado, and it will come down to how well Tatis responds at the plate. One well-placed smack – especially against Ohtani – would push him over the edge.


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