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2020 World Series: Rays Look To Stay Alive In Game 6

2020 World Series: Rays Look To Stay Alive In Game 6

When any MLB World Series gets to Game 6, the outcome becomes more unpredictable for both amateurs and experts alike.  This is the night that anything can, and often does, happen.  The LA Dodgers are holding on as slight favorites over the Tampa Bay Rays at -140, with the Over/Under set at 8 runs.  Good luck with that one.

The Rays Are On Their Last Hope

The Rays are not going to go away easily.  After battling to get this far, they are expecting to come away with nothing less than a World Series Championship ring for each of them, and they just might get those rings.  Considering how Game 4 turned out with Randy Arozarena sliding on his belly towards home plate and a win for the Rays, betting the farm on the Dodgers tonight might not be such a good idea as it looks.

On paper, the Dodgers matchup well, player per player, against the Rays’ roster.  But baseball is a team sport and when the going gets rough tonight, and it will get there at some point, it will be a team effort that ends up winning Game 6.  Both sides have presented outstanding team efforts in the past, and there’s no guarantee on how things will go tonight.


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Of course, we can’t count the Dodgers out, either.  When that team clicks, they are like a juggernaut on the baseball diamond.  One of the best baseball teams we will see, and now they are but a single victory away from finally fulfilling a wish that has not come true for the storied Los Angeles baseball team since 1988.

Out of 46 previous World Series that were tied after four games, the team that won Game 5 went on to win the Series 30 times.  However, more recently, in 8 out of 14 times, the team that was trailing went on to win the final two games and the World Series – just like the Nationals did last year.

Gonsolin Gets A Chance To Bring It Home

Tony Gonsolin will be the starting pitcher for the Dodgers tonight.  Gonsolin has been very effective in the past, but not so much lately.  Manager Dave Roberts must still have faith in the pitcher because he is rolling him out again.  If he does well, all the better for Roberts, if Gonsolin falters, Roberts will have his backups warmed up and ready to take over on the mound.  Then it becomes one of those famous ‘bullpen’ games when anything can happen.

Of course, Roberts in going to keep Walker Buehler and probably Julio Urias, as well, in his pocket just in case Tampa Bay does force a Game 7, but that still leaves him with 12 pitchers on the roster with which to construct a respectable bullpen game.

The Dodgers Need To Trap At Home

A key decision for Roberts tonight with be at the catcher’s position.  Statistics seem to point out Austin Barnes as the strongest catcher, he surely is the better framer, but young Will Smith also brings his own special mojo to the game.  Smith can also serve at the DH when called upon.


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The Dodgers have outperformed the Rays at the plate so far.  LA has more home runs with 11 to the Rays 8 and more doubles, 9 to 5, fewer strikeouts, 50-54, far more walks, 24-14 and they have outhit Tampa Bay .264 to .228.  Makes you wonder how this series ever got to Game 6.

The Rays are going to be again using one of their ace starters in Blake Snell and save the impenetrable Charlie Morton for Game 7, which is as good a reason as any for the Dodgers to go ahead and win the 2020 World Series tonight in Game 6.

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